Olanna - 2020 Poem

I was inspired over our long break from school and came up with a piece of poetry that I think highlights the most noteworthy parts of the pandemic. Since the lockdown is more or less watered down now to individuals deciding how far they want to go with continuing to stay safe, I though it was an interesting reflection of the spring-summer season of 2020. 

My 2020

A virus
a plague
like ones written in papyrus
it tires us,
terrifies us,
makes us wonder if our times are up.
wonder if it'll ever stop
if our dirty make will ever drop
and be replaced with the faces of utter amazement.
Wonder if we'll ever know where our locked up days went
wonder if we'll ever know where our days of parades went
Wonder if we'll ever know what Floyd felt like on that pavement.

Last modified: Sunday, 5 July 2020, 1:58 PM