Alistair 7EMO - Creative Writing

Based on "The secret garden"

As Mary Lenox stepped into the forbidden garden, she was aghast at what she saw…

Ivy dripped down from the rough, uneven walls like a rushing waterfall leading into the most wonderful oasis. Despite mankind not venturing into the garden for ten, unforgiving years there was not a single sign of decay among the roses and the lilacs. Instead, they had survived on their own, making this garden a visual celebration of beautiful, thriving flowers. Despite it being a rainy day, the sun was always shining in this paradise.

Mary took her skipping rope, and ventured round the vast space. Apple-blossoms grew in the far corners, in which many birds perched. In the centre of this fine establishment stood a fountain that had been overrun by wildlife. There was never a quiet moment in this garden, but yet Mary felt more relaxed than she had ever been before.

That morning, Mary saw many things she would never have seen in her wildest dreams. She carefully examined every crevice till she was sure that no stone had been left unturned. By the end of the day, she was buzzing with the uppermost excitement.

Alistair, Year 7

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