Topic outline

  • General

    When used responsibly the internet is a powerful educational tool and a good source of fun. It is important that everyone uses the technologies responsibly and that we all THINK about the information that we may be giving to other people.

    This webpage is aimed at providing young people with information to help you make informed decisions and to keep you safe online

    • General Advice

      • Keep online friends online. Never agree to meet anyone in real life unless accompanied by a trusted adult.

      • Never give out your real identity over the Internet always use a username.

      • Never give out yours or others telephone number.

      • Never give out your home or school address.

      • Only upload pictures or videos that you'd be happy for your parents to see - anything too sexy to be passed round the dinner table should NOT make it on to the web.   REMEMBER: Once a picture is uploaded it will always be available.

      • Don't post pictures of you or your mates wearing school uniform - if people see your school badge, they can work out where you go to school.

      • Do not say anything online that you would not say offline.

      • Check your privacy settings regularly. Are you certain that only your friends can see your content on social media?

      It is never to late to tell someone if something makes you feel uncomfortable
      • Social Media

        Follow the links below to gain advice and support on how to use many of the social networking tools safely and responsibly